Support for Young People

Anyone can be a victim of abuse but it’s important to know that the law has changed regarding the definition of domestic abuse, more commonly known as domestic violence.

If you are 16 or over and have suffered one or more incidents of controlling or threatening behaviour or assault by a boy/girlfriend or a family member, you are a victim of domestic violence.

Threatening or controlling behaviour can take the form of physical, sexual and emotional abuse amongst others. You can find out more about different types of abuse from this website or

Controlling behaviour is when someone cuts you off from friends and family or makes you reliant on them by taking away your independence. You have none of the freedoms everyone else takes for granted, such as talking to friends, using your phone, wearing what you want for example.

The Disrespect NoBody campaign is aimed at 12 to 18 year old boys and girls with the aim of preventing them from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships by encouraging young people to re-think their views of violence, abuse, controlling behaviour and what consent means within their relationships.

You can also get help and advice from the Sheffield Domestic Abuse Helpline:

Sheffield Domestis Abuse HELPLINE

Telephone: 0808 808 2241  Email: If you call the Helpline they can listen to you, help you make sense of your situation and put you in touch with the right service. Or you can email them and let them know how and when it’s safe to get in touch with you. The Helpline is open Monday – Friday  8am – 8pm (not bank holidays), Saturday 9am – 5pm


Community Youth teams

Please contact : / 0800 138 8381 or 0114 2057450 for more information