Inspire To Change

Introducing Inspire to Change – Sheffield’s first voluntary perpetrator support service

Who is providing the service?
South Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), who have a wealth of perpetrator intervention experience, have introduced a new support service for perpetrators of domestic abuse, called Inspire to Change. The service is funded by the four South Yorkshire Local Authorities and The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

What is Inspire to Change perpetrator support?
Inspire to Change is available for men and women aged 16 and above who have been abusive controlling and/or violent to their partner or spouse. It is designed to help participants learn new skills and find ways to manage and control their abusive behaviour. It encourages participants to think and behave more positively to prevent harm to their partner, children and family in the future. The service is free for those who are motivated to make a change in their behaviour and work to improve their relationships.

What does the support look like?
The service tailors support and learning to each individuals’ needs, which are identified via assessment. There are a range of support opportunities including one to one, a 12 session group programme, a 30 week Building Better Relationships Programme and other group sessions.

How can I get a referral into the service?
Self referrals and referrals by any professional working with the perpetrator, the victim or family are accepted. Contact CRC by telephone on 0114 2567270, by email or go to their website

What about support for the victim?
Support to the victim is also available whilst the perpetrator is receiving Inspire to Change support and is provided in Sheffield by Independent Domestic Abusre Service (IDAS). If you are a victim wanting to know more about Inspire to Change for a perpetrator, then find more information at . However if you want to discuss the abuse you are experiencing and want to know more about support for you then contact our Sheffield Domestic Abuse helpline on 0808 808 2241.

How do I find out more about Inspire to Change
Contact CRC by telephone on 0114 2567270, by email or go to their website