Success Stories

September is National Recovery Month and Sheffield Recovery Community are hosting a number of events in celebration. Click here to see the Recovery Month schedule.

As part of this, Sheffield Recovery Community have collected a number of recovery stories to share and inspire, included below:

Lesley’s Story

Shane’s Story

Adam’s Story

Brett’s Story

Rob’s Story

Maria’s Story

Jane’s Story

Jamie’s Story

Emj’s Story

Emj’s Poem

Debbie’s Story

David’s Story

Darren’s Story

Danny’s Story

Chris’s Story

Lee’s Story

Tracey F’s Story

Tracey F’s Poem

Tracey G’s Story

Anonymous Story 4

Anonymous Story 3

Anonymous Story 2

Anonymous Story 1

The below videos are individual excerpts from the above video:

We know that that there are 100’s, 1000’s of untold stories (often shared in closed groups) that the general population don’t get to hear about, despite COVID Sheffield Recovery Forum is STILL on a mission to change that.
You can get involved anonymously or not, that is down to you

We are looking for stories approx 500 words covering the following questions:

– What was life like for you at rock bottom? – (What was going on for you at this time?)
– What was the turning point for you? (How did this come about?)
– What helped?
– What is life like now? How are things different?

You can email me at – don’t worry too much about grammar and spelling – we can tidy them up if needed!

Or share to someone you think might be interested.