The IPS trial in Sheffield for individuals in drug and/or alcohol treatment

Individual placement and support for alcohol and drugs otherwise known as IPS-AD is a new Public Health England trial to determine if intensive employment support throughout your drug and / or alcohol treatment can lead to a more successful recovery. Sheffield is one of seven trial areas to receive funding for this two year randomised trial initiative


What is IPS?

IPS is an intensive form of employment support and is provided by employment specialists working within the drug and alcohol treatment services Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team.

The employment specialists will work with you as an individual to understand what type of work would interest you, help you look for suitable jobs, approach employers specifically for you, support with job applications, provide benefit information to ensure that working can increase your income, and provide in work support if required.


What should I expect?

If you would like to take part in the trial talk to your drug worker, nurses or doctor or contact Joanna, the IPS lead worker directly (see details below). You may also find that your drug worker or alcohol worker talks to you in your appointment about being involved in the trial.

You will meet with an IPS worker, you will be provided with more information about what being on the trial means and go through something called a randomisation process. This process will determine if you will be allocated to work with an employment specialist or if you will continue in treatment as usual.

The randomisation is necessary for us to see whether providing intensive employment support is better or no different than standard employment support.

For those who get access to the IPS workers, they will tailor the process of finding and keeping a job based on your own interests.


Will it affect my treatment?

Taking part in the trial will not affect your current or future treatment with START.


I want to be on the trial what should I do?

If you are interested then please contact Joanna Yardley on 0114 271 6897 or email on or speak to your drug or alcohol worker.