Welcome to Sheffield Drugs and Alcohol Co-ordination Team

If you would like a confidential discussion about yours or someone else’s level of drinking or drug use please contact 0114 308 7000 or email info@likewisesheffield.org.uk

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Sheffield operates a needle exchange programme which allows injecting drug users to receive clean injecting equipment and return used equipment which can be disposed of safely. Offering a needle exchange programme is recognised as an effective method to reduce harm. Details on this page for reporting needle waste also.

Mutual Aid Groups

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About the DACT

Sheffield Drug and Alcohol/Domestic and Sexual Abuse Co-ordination Team (DACT) is a strategic team that works for Sheffield City Council. It sits in People Portfolio of the council, is part of Public Health, and works as a member of the Safer and Sustainable Communities Partnership which includes representatives from Health, the Local Authority, Probation and the Police. The DACT is responsible for translating the Government’s national strategies on drugs and alcohol, and domestic and sexual abuse, into action.  It is also responsible for implementing the organisation’s strategy and policy responses to these issues, and commissioning treatment and support services.

How to contact the DACT team

Please email us however we are not a treatment service – use the phone number or email address above if you need help for yours or someone else’s level of drinking or drug use.

Latest News

Statement in response to the Recovery Forum meeting on 29th November 2023.

We recognise that a racist incident took place at the Sheffield Recovery Forum on 29th November 2023 against Ursula Myrie. We acknowledge the experience of as a result of the incident was one of trauma and upset for Ursula.  We acknowledge and sincerely apologise for that. Although the incident was an example of interpersonal racism, it reflected the presence of structural racism within our sector and the wider Sheffield system, the existence of which was confirmed by the Sheffield Race Equality Commission Report in 2022.

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