Criminal Justice Services

Substance misuse often forms part of a cycle that involves arrest, incarceration, release and further arrest. To help break this cycle Criminal Justice Services offer a variety of options to help people overcome their addiction and stop further offending.

If you have been arrested for a ‘trigger offence’ or have a history of substance use you will be tested for the presence of heroin and cocaine. Should you be tested you will be required to attend an appointment with a substance misuse recovery worker. This is not something to be worried about – the focus is to help you. The workers will talk to you about wider problems you might be having and assist with any transfers into or out of custody, including access to treatment services.

If you have been arrested for a section 5 (Public Order) offence and have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol you may be issued a fixed penalty notice (FPN) with the option to either pay a fine or attend a brief session on the dangers of excessive drinking. This is known as a Fixed Penalty Waiver.