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Drug treatment in Sheffield

There are a variety of support and treatment options for people struggling with substance misuse problems in Sheffield. The best way to find out what would help you best you should contact the Non-Opiates Service on 0114 305 0500, in complete confidence. Key-workers will be able to talk to you about your situation and if necessary take you through a triage assessment in order to find out what treatment option would be the best for you.

If your issue is with heroin or prescribed medicines, please call 0114 305 0500

There is more to treatment in Sheffield than a key work session. There are a number of support groups and providers also offer various recreational and training activities for their service users.

If someone you know is struggling with a drug problem then please see the details in our Support for Family and Friends section for more information on what support is available.

If you are unwilling to stop using drugs but concerned about the damage they are doing to you there are a number of harm reduction options that will help minimise the damage.

For injecting drug users Needle Exchanges provide free clean equipment to help stop people sharing needles and other works.

The harm reduction service provided by Sheffield Health and Social Care @ The Non Opiates Service is aimed at setting up local clinics to provide screening, vaccination and wound care to reduce the harm from injecting drugs. Sheffield Health and Social Care also provide a community outreach nurse, who also works out of the Archer Project.

Blood borne viruses such as Hepatitis and HIV present a serious risk to anyone who is injecting, not just drug users. If you are using injectable self-tanning products or steroids then needle exchanges are for you too! People using powder cocaine or other products that are consumed by snorting are also at risk if they share banknotes or straws. Professor Graham Foster, of St Mary’s Hospital, London, said: “Sharing banknotes or straws is a significant risk factor that people need to be more aware of. Although the risk of contracting hepatitis C through snorting is lower than through sharing a needle, it is still there.”

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If you are a friend or family member of a person who misuses alcohol and would like information or support, please access the Support for family and friends section.