Younger Peoples Services

Sheffield DACT is the commissioner for adult drug and alcohol treatment services. If you are under 18 or seeking support for someone under 18 please go to The Corner

Sheffield Young Peoples Substance Misuse Services are provided by The Corner on Division Street (formerly known as SHED), they can be contacted by telephone on 0114 2752051 (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm). They also provide a confidential drop-in service between 1pm and 5pm on weekdays.

The Corner provides a variety of services for people under 19 who have a substance misuse problem and need help and support, services include:

  • Counselling and treatment to allow positive changes in the lives of young people
  • Advice and Support for families
  • A needle exchange service for people aged under 19 to collect free clean equipment and reduce the harm being done by intravenous drug use
  • A prescribing service to help young people with an opiate addiction break the cycle
  • Group work and support
  • Education/Awareness/Drug Prevention delivery on or off-site
  • Training for professionals that come into contact with young people who have a substance misuse issue