Support for Alcohol Use

Alcohol Treatment in Sheffield

Sheffield Health and Social Care (SHSC) provide alcohol services in Sheffield on behalf of the Drug and Alcohol Co-Ordination Team. SHSC provide packages of care to assist in reducing alcohol intake (health permitting) or to become abstinent and access to psycho-social interventions.

The first port of call for people who need help with alcohol misuse should be the Single Entry and Assessment Point (SEAP) which can be contacted by phone on 0114 305 0500.

A variety of interventions are available depending on your specific needs:

  • Brief interventions
  • Support to training of GPs to increase knowledge to manage alcohol related illnesses in the practices; enhancing local provision and access to treatment in your area
  • Advice and consultation on specific cases to other specialists
  • Joint working with Specialist Mental Health Services (where indicated)
  • Refer onto Psycho Social Interventions (PSI) to sustain changes made in treatment interventions
  • Identify, on assessment, your risk factors and discuss protective factors to manage those risks using a care planned approach
  • Give advice in relation to intoxication
  • Give advice on the use of prescribed or unprescribed medications, the risk of overdose and accidental death
  • Explain the consequences of alcohol intake on mental, physical and forensic well being

To find out more about the Alcohol Service provided by SHSC please visit the SHSC website

Sheffield Health and Social Care also provide an open-access alcohol service in Sheffield.

Open Access Alcohol Services provides support, advice and information to anyone wanting to make changes to their drinking habits. They also provide advice and support to people affected by someone else’s drinking. The service opens the door to alcohol treatment in Sheffield.

How do I get the support?

You can ring for yourself if you want help. You can call for someone else if they are happy for you to do so. A professional who is worried that someone they are working with has problems can also contact us.

Call 0114 305 0500 for an appointment.

You will be offered an appointment within 5 days. Appointments are available Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with some evening appointments also available.

For more information about the open access alcohol services please see the Sheffield Health and Social Care website.

Support and Information for family and friends

If you are a friend or family member of a person who misuses alcohol and would like information or support, please access the Support for family and friends section.

Treatment system / pathway

To find out more about the type of support and treatment available for an individual who misuses alcohol, please see the treatment system / pathway section under Resources.

Other sources of support and Information