2023 Recovery Month

Welcome to 2023 Recovery Month

All of this year’s recovery month activities have been organised by members of the Sheffield Recovery Forum. To find out more about the Forum, please see below (Frequently asked questions) 

Please see the timetable here for more info). We also have a number of recovery shares that are available to download from our Recovery Stories and Films page

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Sheffield Recovery Forum

Bringing together People with Lived Experience of Substance Misuse & Multiple Complex needs

What’s the forum all about?

The primary aim of the Sheffield Recovery forum is to bring together organisations & individuals who have or are supporting people effected by Substance Misuse. However, the forum also recognises that the same individuals because of their substance misuse will also have lived experience with Multiple Complex needs. Such as mental ill health, homelessness, drug, and alcohol misuse, offending and family breakdown.

What’s the purpose of the group?

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum whereby Statutory agencies, Charities, Peer led groups and individuals can

  • Provide updates on their service provision/activity
  • Promote activities, such as volunteering or training opportunities
  • Share good practice, network, and collaborate on partnership initiatives such as National Recovery Month
  • The forum also provides opportunities to have a two-way dialogue between people with lived experience of using statutory/commissioned services and for providers to consult and involve People with Lived Experience of Substance Misuse& Multiple Complex needs to help design future service provision

We also activity encourage partners to bring along their own service users along to meetings as well.

Who manages the forum?

The forum is jointly managed and supported by Safer Communities Team & Sheffield Drug & Alcohol / Domestic Abuse Coordination Team

Sheffield DACT – is responsible for the commissioning and management of substance misuse and domestic abuse services

Community Safety Team – is responsible for delivering the Safer Sheffield partnership Priorities which include

  • Protecting vulnerable people
  • Addressing the impact of drug supply
  • Addressing the impact of crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Creating safer communities by supporting Covid recovery and identifying new and emerging themes
  • Reducing reoffending

Who is currently represented?

We have a rich diverse range of members ranging from Statutory organisations to peer lead, grass roots support groups. We also have representatives from various commissioners. 

The forum is also represented on several partnership groups including

  • The National College Lived Experience Recovery Organisations (CLERO) network
  • Sheffield Community of Practice Hub managed by Shelter which brings together practitioners who work and support people with Multiple Complex needs.
  • Changing Futures Sheffield

Who can come to meetings?

Prerequisite for membership is that your organisation or group is passionate about supporting and providing positive activities for people in Sheffield, who are affected primarily by Substance Misuse and/or have Multiple Complex Needs.

I’m not affiliated or in receipt of support from existing members, can I still come?

We also welcome individuals who may no longer be in receipt or support from a group or service but have lived experience of SM/MCN to come along and get involvedindependently. We are more than happy to meet prior to the meeting to have a chat or arrange to bring you to your first meeting. Contact Tracey.ford@Sheffield.gov.uk

How often does the group meet and where?

The group meets monthly, both face to face and via zoom.  We have recently been rotating meeting venues, if you would like to know the dates and times of our meetings, please contact Tracey.ford@Sheffield.gov.uk

Structure of meetings

We try to make our meetings, welcoming and informal and will generally start with

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Review any actions from previous meetings
  • Updates from agencies/partners
  • Might have a guest speaker