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Keep Yourself Safe

Warning: If someone else has access to your computer then there is no way to be completely sure your computer activity is kept private. The following suggestions may help to reduce your risk but the only way to be completely sure is to use a different computer, at work, a friends house, library, etc.

Browser History

Deleting your internet history is relatively easy in most browsers. Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Delete will bring up the option in most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

It’s important to know that there is a risk in simply deleting data from your computer. Other users may realise you have done so if their history, cookies, saved passwords etc have all disappeared. Some browsers such as Google Chrome give the option to delete only the recent history, 1 hour, 1 day, etc

Clearing your history

Private Browsing Mode

A better alternative is to use a browser that supports “private browsing”. This will prevent the browser from storing a record of your browsing to begin with, but you should remember to switch it off again at the end of your session to avoid raising suspicion.

Private browsing is supported by most modern browsers but not older browsers especially older versions of Internet Explorer before verion 9.

Private browsing

How do I know what browser I’m using?

If you see a toolbar with a “Help” option at the top of the browser screen click Help then choose About Internet Explorer, About Mozilla Firefox, or similar. That will tell you which version of the browser you are using.

If you don’t see a toolbar then you will probably find a settings button near the top right of your screen and again you should look for something that says “About … “