Support for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment

Local support services and campaigns in Sheffield if you have experienced sexual abuse, harassment, or assault

LGBT+ Rape and Sexual Abuse Helpline. Everyone should have somewhere they can turn to for support, without worry or fear. Call 0800 999 5428 or email to get in touch.

Hackenthorpe Lodge – offers free support and practical help to anyone in South Yorkshire who has experienced sexual violence and/or sexual abuse. People are directed to Hackenthorpe Lodge as the first point of support following rape / sexual assault, especially if you are considering making a report to the Police.

Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (SRASAC) – works to support recovery from the emotional and psychological distress caused by trauma from rape, sexual violence or sexual abuse/exploitation whenever it happened in a persons’ life. The service also providers Independent Sexual Violence Advisors.

IDAS (Independant Domestic Abuse Service) – specialist charity supporting anyone in Sheffield experiencing or affected by sexual violence / abuse in a domestic abuse context.

Know The Line – Campaign addressing sexual harassment and violence in public places in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Young Women’s Housing Project – Specialist service offering supported accommodation and therapeutic provision to young women aged 16-25 years and their children, who have been affected by sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and intimate partner abuse.

Vida Sheffield – voluntary sector organisation offering specialist therapeutic services and training to work towards the vision of life without domestic and sexual abuse, and in particular violence against women and girls.

Saffron – offer a free counselling and psychotherapy service to women in Sheffield who have experienced trauma or abuse.

No More – Stand With Us – “On behalf of women everywhere, we’re saying no more. And this is our rallying cry to everyone across the UK; to stand with us as allies and create spaces where women feel safe”.