New Sexual Harassment Video

SCC Youth Voice and Influence Team and Community Youth Services working in collaboration with young people’s group (SYP Young Peoples Independent Advisory Group) and South Yorkshire Police have been working on the issue of catcalling and harassment. As the conversation developed, a real insight was gained into what the young people have to deal with on the streets and in their lives.  From vans pulling up beside them when they are in their school uniforms, to being filmed in secret and uploaded to social media.  It was a shocking and moving conversation and everyone agreed we need to do something about educating people what it feels like to be cat called, intimidated, harassed, and stalked.

The result is a film (below), that the Young People wrote a script that covering as much of the discussion as possible and worked to try and make a film that is useful, practical and deals with the issue of sexual harassment head on.  They wanted to address the film to boys and men and empower them to do something about the issue. The film gives real practical advice about what can be done to protect all people from harassment.