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Every September, DACT (Sheffield Drug & Alcohol Coordination Team) sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover.

Every year hundreds of people from Sheffield who are or have been affected by addiction come together to raise awareness during the whole of September.

Sheffield’s SURRG (Service User Recovery Reference Group) meets monthly and brings together various groups/organisations working together to provide support and raise awareness that recovery is possible.


  • Spread knowledge and awareness about mental and/or substance use disorders and prevention, treatment, and recovery.
  • Promote the implementation of prevention, treatment, and recovery support programs in Sheffield.
  • Inspire others to champion recovery as possible and attainable
  • Raise awareness of the various support groups and agencies in Sheffield that those with an addiction and their families can go to, to access support.
  • Raise awareness of National Recovery Month
  • Make recovery more visible to encourage and give hope to those entrenched in addiction that recovery is possible
  • Raise awareness of Sheffield DACT

Key Messages

  • Addiction can affect anyone young or old, regardless of background/upbringing
  • Recovery from any substance addiction is possible
  • Treatment from addiction is available is Sheffield
  • There are over 26 FREE support groups available 7 days a week in Sheffield
  • Sheffield has a thriving recovery community
  • You don’t have to be addicted to be affected by addiction, families are affected
  • There is support available for families affected by addiction
  • The stigma of addiction can often make addicts fearful of their family and friends reactions

Target Audience

  • People addicted to substances
  • Families/friends of those affected by substance addiction
  • Support Workers/Partners/Voluntary Organisations
  • Sheffield Business Community
  • General Public

The Campaign

HELP us spread the message that recovery is possible. There are a few ways you can help us, encourage, inspire and promote recovery in Sheffield and it’s FREE.

We want to make recovery from addiction visible, so pictures of you, your team anyone supporting the campaign will have a bigger impact.

  • If you are in recovery, upload a picture of yourself on Twitter or Facebook with how long you have been clean (links can be found above to the Facebook and Twitter pages)
  • If you are a family member affected by addiction, upload a picture of yourself with a message of hope
  • If you are a local business, post a pic or a video of your team with a pledge. Examples of pledges might be:
  • To promote addiction treatment services within your business / organisation
  • Come along and attend a recovery event
  • Learn more about addiction and recovery
  • Promote Treatment services amongst your social media networks
  • Please use the campaign hashtag #BuildingRecovery
  • Liking / Promote/ share ‘Sheffield Recovery Community’ Facebook (link above)
  • Or if you are camera shy you can pledge your support by sending us your messages of support through this website (go to the Contact Us section to send us a message) or on the Sheffield Recovery Community Facebook Page, all your messages and pledges will be shared with people in recovery as part of National Recovery Month.

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