Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy Consultation Questionnaire

The draft Sheffield Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy (2018-2022) has been widely consulted on in domestic and sexual abuse specialist groups.

The strategy’s strapline is ‘Preventing Domestic and Sexual Abuse is everyone’s business’, and therefore we have developed a questionnaire that provides an opportunity for anyone in the general public, anyone accessing your service and anyone working in your service to provide their own individual feedback.

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New local guidance on ‘asking the question’ and using interpreters.

Two new local guidance documents are now available to download.

We know that it is very easy for people who are suffering abuse to keep it to themselves even when asked directly. Domestic Abuse – Asking the Question guidance is intended to help practitioners think about how to ask about domestic abuse in such a way as to encourage disclosure.

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New Leaflets

Sheffield DACT has produced two new leaflets (click here to access them):

How to spot the signs of domestic abuse and what to do is for professionals and includes information about signs and symptoms but also how to refer and how to recognise risk factors
Welcome to Sheffield is for new arrivals and others for whom pictorial illustrations may be useful for describing what is considered abusive behaviour in Sheffield

If you want hard copies please contact